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Identity, Travel, and Nationalism in the Revolutionary Atlantic World

edited by Jordan Kellman

Exploring the many facets of the Marquis de Lafayette's life and career as the greatest transatlantic figure of the American Revolution, this collection captures the powerful forces he marshaled to bring the culture and resources of Old Regime France to the Revolutionary fight for the young American Republic and to translate the new ideals that he absorbed there for the French revolutionary struggle. The essays also confront deep questions about the nature of nationality, patriotism, and citizenship as they played out at the dawn of the modern nation-state and trace their implications for the modern world.


Lloyd Kramer, Sandra Frink, Sylvia Neel, Anne C. Loveland, Robert Rhodes Crout, Todd Bourque, Michael S. Martin, and Brad Pollock

ISBN: 9781935754671

Softcover, 156 pp., ©2015



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