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Varise Conner (1906-1994) has been called the "greatest unrecorded Cajun musician." With this ground-breaking 72-minute collection of previously unavailable songs and stories featuring liner notes by Michael Doucet, David Greely, Carl Brasseaux, and Barry Jean Ancelet, we now have an opportunity to hear masterful renditions of waltzes, two-steps, blues, a mazurka, a polka, and even "Lake Arthur Stomp" as performed by its orginator in his own home. The source recordings for this project were made between 1975 and 1977 are are part of the Archives of Cajun and Creole Folklore at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Recorded by Barry Jean Ancelet
Edited and Mastered by Tony Daigle
Associate Producers: Barry Jean Ancelet and David Greely
Photos by Elemore Morgan, Jr.
Art Direction: Megan Barra
Executive Producers: John Laudun and Todd Mouton


1.  Valse à Milton
2.  Polka à Varise
3.  Drunkard's Waltz
4.  Kentucky
5.  La Caroline
6.  Lake Arthur Shuffle
7.  Jimmy Bryant's Waltz
8.  Aguillard two-step
9.  Andy's Waltz
10.  L'histoire du violon de Varise
11.  St. Louis Blues
12.  You've Got to See Mama Ev'ry Night
13.  Creole Waltz
14.  Chère Bouclette
15.  La mazurka d'Eugene Michon
16.  Reve du diable
17.  Hobson
18.  Down South
19.  Lake Arthur Stomp
20.  Sawmill Two-Step
21.  Lake Arthur Two-Step
22.  Valse à Abe
23.  Valse à Elise Mallet
24.  La malheureuse
25.  Sabine Blues
26.  Perrodin Two-Step
27.  Old Cajun Waltz
28.  Rabbit Stole the Pumpkin
29.  Bascom Mouton
30.  J'ai été au bal
31.  Grand Mamou
32.  Grand Basile
33.  Chère Bassette
34.  Goodnight Waltz
35.  Sawmill Rag
36.  Varise Conner Rag
37.  Memphis Blues
38.  Chacoter
39.  Varise Remembers



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