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Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Series in Louisiana History, Volume IV

edited by Carolyn E. De Latte

The antebellum period in Louisiana was a period of great social and technological expansion, but it was also a time of important political development within the state; it is on this topic of political growth that Carolyn De Latte focuses in the most recent addition to the Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Series in Louisiana History. De Latte has compiled the best scholarly literature exploring the many nuances of Louisiana's political process during the years preceding the Civil War. 

Antebellum Louisiana, 1830-1860, Part B: Politics begins with in-depth examinations of the three antebellum-era Louisiana state constitutions. Next, Jacksonian politics and the emergence of the Jacksonian Democrat and Whig parties, and their specific agendas for the country and the state, are explored in several pieces by Joseph G. Tregle, Jr. The mid-nineteenth century evolution of these two rival political factions, as well as the emergence of the Know-Nothing party, is examined in the next section. Part four provides a thorough analysis of the most important Louisiana political figures of the era. Finally, the last section of the book seeks to explain Louisiana's path toward, and ultimately secession from, the Union. 

Heavily weighted by the works of Joseph G. Tregle, Jr., the dean of historians of antebellum Louisiana, this volume also includes selections by Judith K. Schaffer, Wayne M. Everard, William H. Adams, James K. Greer, Dennis C. Rousey, John M. Sacher, Leon Cyprian Soule, Craig A. Bauer, Waldo W. Braden, Charles B. Dew, Ralph A. Wooster, and several other noted scholars. 

Together with Part A: Life and Labor, this two-part volume forms the most comprehensive scholarly compilation assembled on antebellum Louisiana and is an essential contribution to the state's historiography. 

Hardcover, 422 pages, ©2004

ISBN: 9781887366557

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