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The Mermaids of New Orleans


Sally Asher; Illustrations by Melissa Vandiver

About the book:

“New Orleans is known for making groceries,   dressing po’boys, and snacking on beignets.

Saying things like ‘Where y’at?,’ ‘How’s ya momma and dem,’ and ‘Laissesz les bons temps rouler.’


But most people don’t know,

      that deep beneath the river is a mermaid city.

Where an underwater world exists

      that’s lively, and merry, and pretty.


New Orleans mermaids are much

      like their human relations,

with their own traditions,

                and music, and celebrations.

The Mermaids of New Orleans tells the story of the mermaids who reside in the Mississippi River, surrounding the Big Easy.  These citizens of the sea are much like their land counterparts, culturally and ethnically. Many New Orleans mermaids play in bass bands, eat roeballs in the summer, live in narrow trident houses, and have their own parades (with floats that really float!). And true to mermaid lore, the mermaids are allowed on land one day a year. New Orleans mermaids, of course, choose Mardi Gras, where they can blend in with the vibrant and decorative costumes.

About the author(s):

About the author:

 Growing up on a small farm in Washington state, writer and photographer Sally Asher has called New Orleans home since 1994. Asher has been the public relations photographer for Tulane University since 2008 and is the author of various New Orleans history books. Asher holds two master’s degrees from Tulane University, in English and Liberal Arts with a concentration in history. Recent recipient of the New Orleans Press Club’s First Place award for feature reporting, Asher frequently lectures on New Orleans history through the Louisiana State Museum. A member of multiple Mardi Gras krewes, in her spare time Asher enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and animals and enjoying the endless joie de vivre that New Orleans has to offer.  

About the illustrator:

Melissa Vandiver is a New Orleans-based artist specializing in painting. Growing up in South Carolina with an artist mother, she's been drawing and painting since she can remember. In an attempt to do something practical with her life, she studied architecture at Clemson University, and came to New Orleans shortly thereafter in 2007. She was only supposed to stay two months. Electrified by the vibrancy and culture of the city, she continues to draw inspiration from it as she balances working as a full-time artist, spending time with her husband and tiny dogs, and putting glitter on things.

ISBN: 9781946160287

Publication date: November 6, 2018

Price: $20

Page count: 36

Format: hardcover with dust jacket



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