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A History of the Bouligny Family and Allied Families

by Fontaine Martin

The Bouligny family of Louisiana is descended from Francisco Bouligny, an outstanding figure in Louisiana's colonial history. Born in Alicante, Spain, of French and Italian descent, Francisco Bouligny went to New Orleans in 1769, as aide to General Alexander O'Reilly, and died there in 1800 while serving as commanding officer of the Louisiana Fixed Regiment. In 1770 he married Marie Louise Le Senechal D'Auberville, born in New Orleans and descended from families with several hundred years of French, Canadian, and Louisiana history behind them. Through the descendants of Don Francisco and his wife, Marie Louise, the Bouligny family lives on. 

But this book is not a story of the Bouligny family alone. Fontaine Martin also explores the background and historical contributions of numerous collateral lines, including the Dauterive, Delahoussaye, Boucher de Grandpre, Petit de Livillier, Le Senechal D'Auberville, Baldwin, de Vilemont, de La Roche, Le Blanc, Le Sassier families, and many others. 

To compile this outstanding history of the Bouligny family and allied families, Fontaine Martin has researched the fabulous array of manuscript material to be found in archives and libraries in Europe, Canada, and the Mississippi Valley. The result is a fascinating account of the men and women of the Bouligny family and their allied families who helped shape the history of Louisiana in the colonial and early national eras. 

With Fontaine Martin's study yet another gap in the rich history of Louisiana has been closed. 
A History of the Bouligny Family and Allied Families provides readers with not only a superb family history but also a rewarding insight into the aristocratic world of early Louisiana.

Hardcover, 384 pages, ©1990

ISBN: 0940984512




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