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The Emergence of the Whig Party in Louisiana, 1828-1840

by Henry O. Robertson

In the Habit of Acting Together adds a sharper perspective to the scholarly literature available on a pivotal period in Louisiana's political history—when the Whig party materialized during the late 1820s and early 1830s. 

Practically every historian who has written on this subject has noted that economic development, ethnicity, slavery, and regional rivalry between sections of the state had a hand in creating Louisiana's earliest two-party politics. Author Henry Robertson explores these elements in greater depth, gives attention to the numerous personalities who played key roles in organizing the Whigs, and attempts to connect in a general way Whig issues and ideas with voter behavior. Robertson examines the letters, speeches, newspaper writings, and election returns to reveal how Whig leaders, candidates, and voters interacted in creating a competitive party within the American democratic process. 

Softcover, 188 pages, ©2007

ISBN: 9781887366731

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